Coalition Alpha win inaugural Zwift Grand Prix

MEN Zwift Grand Prix League

For the 2022/2023 season, Zwift decided to end the Premier League format and introduced the Grand Prix. As where the Premier League always followed the same routes and formats as the amateur version run by WTRL, the Grand Prix introduced a range of new formats – including the one used for the World Championship.

With Coalition Alpha (MEN) being the most successful team in the Premier League with 3/5 season wins, we were looking forward to returning to racing in this new format. That said, like with nearly every season before, we definitely weren't going to have it all our own way. Injuries, sickness, diary clashes... you name it, it happened. But just like always, the team battled through making into the Top 5, and securing a place in the final.

Watch the Zwift Grand Prix final replay to see how it all went down. Or... you can catch the highlights on our Instagram: @coalitionalpha

We knew that we would have to roll the dice and go all in – only by catching the other teams off guard would we stand a chance. Michał did just that, dropping his anvil on the descent and creating a huge gap to the main group. He held everyone off to get our first points. Then it was all down to Lionel to finish the final sprint strong and he didn't disappoint – securing enough points at the line for us to finish in the top spot. It truly was an incredible team effort and arguably our most meaningful win to date.

Congrats to all the guys in the team for helping to retain our place at the top of elite racing!

The women also had a troublesome season but were not able to bouce back in the same fashion. They finished 10th. We will look to rebuild the team for the new season and fight for both podiums once again!

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