Ultimate Indoor Training Plan

Train like a pro!

If you're interested in taking your indoor racing to a higher level then this plan is for you!

Eracing requires a unique set of skills and the team have shared some of their most demanding workouts with you. We'll take you through a demanding 5-week course that'll get your body ready to race at a higher level. Whether you're a complete beginner of a seasoned pro, this plan will make you stronger.
Train like the pros and raise your game.

Lionel Vujasin

Workouts: The Generous, The Infamous, Hot Flushes

"When it comes to eRacing, the mental aspect is key! My workouts will not only improve your physical abilities but also give you benchmarks on expected efforts to boost your confidence for your next race. Take for example, the 'Hot Flushes' will force you to dig deeper than you normally would for such a length of effort. Thank me later when you demolish the field over Keith Hill!"

Kristin Falck

Workouts: The Bouncer, The Classic Norwegian

"The Bouncer is the most important workout that I do and I do it for two reasons. The first is to develop and improve my sprint technique on the trainer. The second is to elevate my VO2 max which is hugely important for short punchy races. There is also the psycological aspect that you need to train as well as the physiological; the ability to finish sprint intervals, maintain the effort, sprint again, and never give up. This is what eRacing is all about."

As well as....

Workouts from Alex West, Ollie Jones, Siri Hildonen & Claudia Behring. Plus a final test put on by Team Manager Rhys Howell.

This workout series will push you to your max and you will come out the other side a stronger racer.